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On Coinerd you can find articles written by the community for the community, easy to understand and for everyone accessible. Furthermore, everyone can be an article writer themselves and even get paid for their engagement in coinerds own cryptocurrency Jumpcoin.


The currency Jumpcoin, founded by Coinerd-CEO and Youtuber Jumperbilliejumper, is like coinerd a community project too. Participants are able to decide democratically on the future of the coin. The amount of JUMP or how long one is holding the coin does not effect the impact of a vote. Since the end of October JUMP is a stakeable coin, just hold them in your wallet and get rewarded.
For more information visit:

Additionally, to discuss about the jumpcoin or any other crypto topic we have launched an own forum:

To push the activity of writing, replying and reading in the forum there is a currency for the forum called “NerdCoin”. For every activity, even the daily login, you receive an appointed amount of NerdCoin. This receiving amount is tethered to the current Jumpcoin price and the general activity in the forum. It also can be changed after a discussion and voting.



The current rewards in Jumpcoin or NerdCoin are:

Coinerd: Writing blogarticles = 1000 Jump

Writing wikiarticles = 100 Jump

Forum: Daily login: 3 NerdCoin, receiving likes: 1 NerdCoin (per Like), replying 10 NerdCoin,
opening a thread 20 NerdCoin

NerdCoin can be exchanged into JUMP. Currently 50 NerdCoin equals 1 Jump.


For what we stand for:

All earnings from the site coinerd are re-invested in the future of the jumpcoin.
Earnings and expenses are listed and viewable for everyone and discussed before performing them.
Rewards for doing tasks or exchanging NerdCoins are given out of a community wallet, which was invented to guarantee the liquidity.


Which qualifications do you need for the project?

To go back to the early mentioned community project, everyone can participate in developing the Jumpcoin and writing for the coinerd site. Just show some presence in the forum or on telegram, get in touch with others and we will happily welcome you.


    Thats what you can find on our site:

  • Trading & Coins – Analyzes, Updates & News.
  • Tipps & Tricks for Kryptomining.
  • KryptoWiki – All terms easy explained.
  • Reviews to Cryptocurrencys & Wallets.
  • Still actual content on Youtube
  • Live-Streams – Ask me some questions personally!
  • Activ communication – Speak with other people in our facebook group

News, Tutorials and Tipps also on Youtube

Jumperbillijumper Youtube Channel

Sometimes an explanation is much better than a text. For this reason I started my YouTube channel. Over 10000 Subscribers speak for themselves and the numbers are rising.

What can you find on my channel:

  • Detailed and understandable Info’s for cryptocurrencys.
  • Comparison from actual Miners.
  • My own opinion & experience.
  • For a change sometimes the one or other technique-video.




– From the community to the community –

(This text is written by a community member)